Mezzanine Quick Start Guide

                                  Get started using Mezzanine today

                                  Download the App

                                  The Mezzanine app can help you make the most of your Mezzanine room. If you don’t have the app yet, download it now to get started.

                                  Get Connected

                                  Launch the Mezzanine application. If it doesn't connect to a Mezzanine room automatically, look at the screens in the room for connection info.

                                  Room Name
                                  Find the room name in the top left corner of the screens and type the text that follows.
                                  Room Key
                                  If prompted for a passkey, find it in the upper left near the room name.

                                  Invite others

                                  If you need to invite people outside the room, click the Invite button to get a link for your meeting. Meeting details will be copied to the clipboard automatically so that you can share them with teammates or guests.

                                  Meeting participants can join from the web browser or another meeting room. You can click Invite again anytime to see the join details for the current meeting.

                                  Looking for more information?

                                  Visit the Screencast FAQs page, or contact us:

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