See the Big Picture

                                  Meeting participants can share multiple streams of content, from multiple locations, all at the same time. Innovative and more effective ways of working become possible, because when teams can see more and share more, they can do more.

                                  Give Everyone a Voice

                                  Meetings are more efficient when everyone can freely contribute, even at the same time. Simultaneous activity enables new, parallel workflows that increase team productivity.

                                  Click and Connect

                                  Connect quickly and easily with common meeting tools. Join video calls with best in class video endpoints from Cisco and Polycom.

                                  Share Your Devices

                                  Easily present work from your laptop by plugging in or screen sharing wirelessly. Share up to 10 connected devices including laptops, in-room PCs, and digital media players.

                                  Meet the Mezzanine Family

                                  From small room solutions for big picture thinking to immersive environments for customer engagement, there is a Mezzanine that fits your needs.

                                  Mezzanine 200 Series

                                  The Small Room Solution
                                  for Big Picture Thinking

                                  Mezzanine 300 Series

                                  High Performance Collaboration
                                  With Room to Grow

                                  Mezzanine 600 Series

                                  The Ultimate Collaboration and
                                  Presentation Solution

                                  Get Your Teams in Sync

                                  Unite teams through a shared digital workspace where everything seen in one location is in sync with every other. Check out the interactive demo below to see the power of a workspace where everyone can see the same thing, at the same time, allowing all team members to contribute with full control.
                                  Press the + button to get started and move content around the screens

                                  Boston's Screen

                                  San Francisco's Screen

                                  demo module
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                                  Press the ‘+’ to
                                  get started!

                                  Take a Deep Dive

                                  Check out our tech specs page to download data-sheets and view the full list of Mezzanine specifications

                                  Interested in Learning More?

                                  Start a conversation with our team to deliver the best collaboration experience for your teaming spaces.

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                                  Mezzanine + Cisco Webex

                                  Enhance the Cisco meeting room experience with multi-share collaboration.

                                  Mezzanine Tech Specs

                                  Take a deep dive with complete technical specifications.

                                  Mezzanine Features

                                  See what makes Mezzanine is a better solution for your team.