g-speak? enables the development of multi-user, multi-screen, multi-device, spatial, distributed applications.


                                  1. scalable

                                  Visualization tools that work at architectural scale and applications that span multiple surfaces.

                                  2. distributed

                                  Synchronize distributed rendering across machine, OS, and room boundaries.

                                  4. parallel data sets

                                  Integrate multiple heterogeneous data sets and parallel running legacy applications

                                  3. multi-user

                                  Supports seamless collaborative activity for working with others in a group setting,

                                  5. intuitive

                                  Naturally captures space in three dimensions, with each pixel defined by x, y, and z values.

                                  6. multi-input

                                  Incorporate input from multiple devices with the ability to create a shared working environment.

                                  technical specifications

                                  Core Platform
                                  • ? ?All scene graph objects have real world positioning, sizing and orientations
                                  • ? ?Flexible and extensible data types that are application, language, OS and hardware independent
                                  • ? ?Math and geometry libraries for spatial computing with convenient abstractions
                                  • ? ?Built-in memory management system
                                  • ? ?Device agnostic event library
                                  • ? ?Extensive logging and introspection facilities
                                  • ? ?Available on Ubuntu and Mac OS?X
                                  Networking and Cross-Application Support
                                  • ? ?Easy to use API for sending and receiving messages
                                  • ? ?Supports buffering, rewinding, scanning, and streaming messages
                                  • ? ?Supports TLS encryption
                                  • ? ?Bonjour/Avahi discoverability support
                                  • ? ?Available on Ubuntu, Mac OS?X, Windows, iOS, and Android
                                  • ? ?Bindings available in Ruby, Python, Java, and Javascript
                                  Graphics and Media Support
                                  • ? ?OpenGL graphics library
                                  • ? ?Flexible API for writing custom OpenGL
                                  • ? ?Built-in PNG, TIFF, and JPEG image support
                                  • ? ?Video/Audio support using gstreamer
                                  • ? ?Embedded browser support using Chromium Embedded Framework

                                  Want to see more?

                                  Check out more examples of g-speak in action.

                                  Learn More About g-speak or License our SDK


                                  Advanced Technology

                                  Advanced Technology Group

                                  Tap into the power of spatial computing
                                  Advanced Technology

                                  Executive Briefing Centers

                                  Partner with our Advanced Technology Team to create immersive and interactive environments for your briefing or command center.
                                  Advanced Technology


                                  Learn more about Oblong’s SDK which enables the development of multi-user, multi-screen, multi-device, spatial, distributed applications.
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