Fortune 1000 teams are already benefiting significantly from Mezzanine’s content-rich collaboration environment.

                                  Auburn University

                                  Oblong has revolutionized the classroom at Auburn University McWhorter School, where their new Visualization Lab incorporates ground-breaking technologies ?and is reinventing the learning experience.

                                  Holder Construction

                                  Every project Holder takes on passes through a 60 person pre-construction team dispersed across six offices. Given the volume and critical nature of their work, Holder found a solution to help them work more effectively and collaboratively across distance and deliver faster results + bottom line success.

                                  IBM Watson

                                  See how Oblong technology is helping IBM create experiential cognitive computing; and drive meaningful change in the midst of one of its largest reinvention efforts to date.

                                  “With a network of Mezzanine rooms in our global agency network, we are able to ensure our teams are able to deliver different and better solutions wherever and whenever in the world it is required.”

                                  Nigel Morris

                                  CEO, Dentsu Aegis Network

                                  "Being able to demonstrate Watson technology with spatial computing and infopresence has brought a powerful new dynamic to the way we work with clients"

                                  Ed Harbour

                                  Vice President, IBM Watson


                                  PwC is changing the meeting paradigm with Mezzanine technology installed in its Delta Room in Paris. It now spurs innovative thinking, deeper engagement, and transforms client briefings from one-way presentations, to collaborative conversations.

                                  Stevens Institute
                                  of Technology

                                  A revolution in classroom learning is underway at Stevens Institute of Technology. The students have an active role in contributing to class lessons, instead of just passively listening to long lectures, because they have Mezzanine from Oblong Industries.


                                  NASA’s is cultivating multi-disciplinary and revolutionary concepts that will drive commercial aviation. To bring this to life, they are using immersive collaboration rooms powered by Mezzanine in their research centers throughout the country.

                                  Accenture's Connected Analytics Space

                                  Global management consulting services giant, Accenture utilizes a connected analytics experience. Employees are now finding hidden value in their data, and can pursue outcomes in real-time, in-person, or across distance.

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