Best Collaboration Platform 2019

                                  Jen üner

                                  We are honored and delighted to win Best Collaboration Platform at the 2019 UC Today Awards.

                                  The UC Today Award for Best Collaboration Platform is limited to collaboration software vendors including video conferencing solutions, team collaboration software, huddle room technology and interactive whiteboards.

                                  Our Mezzanine solution faced serious competition, including from our friends at BlueJeans who were first to be integrated into our new Rumpus meeting app for teamwork. While each of the nominees has clear strengths, it’s only Mezzanine that provides a high performance experience for collaborators in the room, in connected rooms, and connecting remotely. When multiple participants can provide multiple streams of content simultaneously to a shared digital workspace, it’s easy to compare, contrast, and cross-reference each other’s contributions.

                                  In an increasingly competitive and complex business world, one where time really is money, the ability to have all the content and data for the team’s decision-making process right at everyone’s fingertips is essential. We’re delighted that the judges of the UC Today Awards, all of them outstanding in the field of unified communications, clearly see how Mezzanine elevates productivity and delivers real ROI.

                                  UC Today is not the only organization making thoughtful assessments about the best technologies for the modern workplace. We were just recently shortlisted for the AV Awards and also won the prestigious Red Dot Award for product design.

                                  To learn more about transforming your workplace and improving real-time work flows with Mezzanine, get in touch with us, our partners, or with your Cisco account team. A better way to work is just around the corner.


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